I am so excited today it was great being in Orlando and wonderful to be back at home. I do not share my Warm Spirit to Soul purpose story often but had the opportunity to talk about it today. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Heart of a Woman radio talk show by Lorraine Harrell. Would love for you to listen to it.
Much love and have a great day!

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  1. I truly admire you!!!

    I just discovered today your new company and God sure is good! I shared your story on my facebook page. I'm completing my hours for esthetics and my fellow classmates are starting new businesses, so I think your story will serve both as inspiration and as an invaluable cautionary tale!

    I'm planning a teen beauty expo in Chicago for 2012…I hope you can participate in some form or fashion!

    Best Wishes in 2011!

    Alicia Sanders


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